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NINE (9) thoughts about building your business

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1. Put together an “elevator pitch”

You should be marketing all the time — wherever you are. Therefore, you need a compelling elevator pitch. Research shows the average attention span of an adult is about 6 to 8 seconds. That’s all the time you have to grab someone’s attention. If you successfully engage them, you have a much better chance of making them your customer... probably not now but... in the future.

2. Leverage your community

You don’t have to think big when it comes to your marketing efforts. Think locally. What’s going on in your community?  Get to know your ideal customer and think about how and where they spend their time. Then search for opportunities to get in front of your customer with your marketing message.

PowerTipps is a member of all THREE local Chambers of Commerce (CdA, Hayden and Post Falls). Leverage that membership to your advantage.

3. Collaborate

Be an ACTIVE member of PowerTipps. Our mission is to be a group of synergistic, non-competitive businesses in this area and we agree to cross-promote. You can use coupons, fliers, reciprocal website links, bundled promotions or social media platforms  By collaborating with each other, you can expand your customer base because you’ll be reaching new people.

4. Network

I’m a huge fan of networking. I don’t think there is any better way to build a business than to get out there, shake some hands, and get to know people. Networking requires a time commitment and, in most cases, it doesn’t provide instant results, but a strong network is one of the greatest assets any business person can have.  There is a Power Hour coming up and we all have an opportunity to grow and improve our networks. Consider hosting a Power Hour yourself!!!!

5. Give a speech

A lot of people hate public speaking.  Take a deep breath and volunteer. PowerTipps is a good point of leverage here!

You don’t have to be a professional as long as the information you share is helpful to the audience. And the upside - the more you do it the easier it gets. Plus, it also positions you as a credible authority in your field.

6. Ask for referrals

Don’t be shy about asking for customer referrals. The majority of people say they are willing to provide a referral if asked, but very few take the initiative to do it on their own. Referrals make it easier to get in the door with new customers.  If you aren’t asking for them, you are missing opportunities.

7. Build relationships

It is a lot less expensive to keep a customer than it is to get a new one. That’s why establishing strong relationships with your customer should be near the top of your "To Do" list.  Make your communications informative and helpful - something your customers will look forward to receiving. Social media campaigns (G+, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) are another way to keep the communication channel open.

8. Offer coupons

Coupons are a good way for many businesses to attract new customers. Experience shows that people will go out of their way to use a coupon, proving that this method is successful in expanding your customer base. Coupons are not just to get new customers, they can also generate return business.

9. Give it away

If someone has the opportunity to experience your product or service, chances are they will want to purchase more and, even, spend more when they do buy. Don’t be afraid to give someone a free trial or a sample. In this economy, people are more comfortable buying something they have been able to experience first.


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