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News From the SEVER FAMILY

Connie and Me....

Remember September 11th, 2001My name is Bill Sever.  I am the editor of my family newsletter and my goal is to update it at least Quarterly.

The Bionic (complete with pacemaker) lady next to me is my Wife of 51+ years.  Her name is Connie.

Now, I'm bionic too. Have had both of my hips replaced over the past few months.....

Two New Hips and doing well!

Sever Family News
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Today is
Son David is a great kid.

This gent is our son David.  He's not a kid anymore and we're very proud of him!  



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Remember September 11, 2001
Standing Tall Against TerrorismWe share the terrible loss wrought by the murderous terrorists against our nation and freedom loving people everywhere.

Contribute to the American Red Cross.  Remember those that died at their desks.Please join us as we offer our prayers for those families and individuals who have lost family members, loved ones, neighbors, and friends.

View the FBI Terrorist List Click the FBI emblem to view the Most Wanted Terrorist Listings


Wholy cow.. boating season
gone again!

Our Sabre Craft 26+' boat is in it's slip at Lake Coeur d'Alene.  A dandy fishing and relaxation platform.

The "NetBest's Early Times" has spent the last several years, sitting quietly... parked next to the garage. Since Febryary 24th, 2006 when the "harbormaster" called to let me know it was about to sink. It appears that, either by the mindless efforts of someone who thought a boat shouldn't be icebound.. or because the winds did blow.. a small hole appeared in the hull just at the water line. It sank....  Ask me about Progressive Insurance.. if you want to hear a nightmare story. If you want to know my opinion of the "harbormaster" at 11th Street Docks... I'll be happy to share that as well.

I've been so busy during the boating seasons... I've not had it back in the water though it's ready to go. Anyone looking for a good boat?

Brother Ron & Me
Brothers Ron and Bill (me) in our youth
Once upon a time, there were two brothers. They were constantly getting into mischief but truly enjoyed their "formative" years.  Now in our 60s, we are hoping to begin the "mellowing" process (soon).  Ron's on the left... He was a cute kid back then..... Now, pretty deep into our 60s... I'm the cute one.

Remembering Mom

Mom and Dad Mom passed away on June 29th, 2009 and left the pains of age and Alzheimer's disease behind!   She now rests, as she wanted to, near her Father and Mother in the Palouse cemetary.  We Love You Mom!

Dad passed on April 7th, 1988... we still miss him.



Usually, I try not to openly discuss my political views here but... I am truly concerned that the current administration is not only inept but, possibly, criminal and... as a Veteran... I ask EVERYONE to step back and take a long look at what's happening to our country.

Monica Marie


Bill Rigdon - June Bash 2002Larry Anderson - June Bash 2002Me.. Bill Sever - June Bash 2002 Jerry Vanderzanden - June Bash 2002Bob Leisenring - only known Democrat in the group - June Bash 2002Carl Gidlund - June Bash 2002Kayo Handcock's photo from his Facebook account

Above are mug shots of the original X-GTE rogues from the monthly Poker party.  Bill Rigdon (AZ), Larry Anderson (CA), me, Jerry Vanderzanden, Bob Leisenring, Carl Gidlund and Kayo Handcock have a great time exchanging small change.  It's kind of sad but, with the relocation of Bill Rigdon and Larry Anderson, our get-togethers are becoming less frequent.


Biker Greatgranny

Our Biker Great Grandmother, Arvilla Perry.  Born August 9, 1893 in Watauga County, North Carolina.  In Heaven since  February 27, 1985.  Died in Palouse Washington.

No, she didn't have a tattoo or carry a knife, brass knuckles or a gun.  At least, I don't think so.  Maybe she wasn't one of "those kind" of bikers.  Here, Biker Greatgranny is busy doing bike Valet Parking (Tom Valley's Bike).

Remembering Our Country

Restore America and the Republic. STOP The Hateful and Dishonest Left!




We miss you Mom.
Our Family Tree
Some Family Tree Info
Smokey the pooch Dog & Cat Update
Connie's Cat liked to torment Smokey!
Now she had to find others to vent on.
R.I.P. Smokey
Gizmo... the cat.
Yesterday... February 26, 2018, we lost another great family friend. Cancer doesn't only claim our human friends and family members...
R.I.P. Nibbs...
After a while... Dave found a Blue Healer pup... her name is B.D. for "Beautiful Dog"... or... maybe just "Bugger Dog". Pictures to come later but... they look a lot alike.
RIP Nibbs - 2-26-2018